As Alumni, you have the opportunity to gain full access to JobLink, a web-based job-searching site specifically for Sinclair grads! To gain access, you must register with us, which includes a short orientation on how to use the site. We can get you registered either in person or over the phone. Just call us at 937-512-2772 or email us at

In the 2011-2012 school year, more than 2,300 jobs were posted on JobLink by employers around the nation, though the majority were from right here in the Miami Valley and surrounding areas. These jobs are from all industries and range from entry level to experienced. It’s a great way for alumni and employers to connect to fill job vacancies.

Already using JobLink? Great! The website is updated daily with new job postings, so make sure to check it frequently.

Here are some tips for using JobLink to its maximum potential:

  • Upload an updated resume. Employers sometimes call and ask us to send them resumes of qualified candidates. By having your resume uploaded in JobLink, you increase your chances of being seen by an employer.
  • Create job notifications. Give JobLink a set of keywords, and it will send you email notifications of open positions related to those words.
  • Search the employer database. Find out which employers use JobLink and visit their websites for additional information and other job openings.
  • Update your profile. Did you get another degree? Learn a new skill? Move? By updating your profile, you ensure that we have the most accurate information about you.

So what are you waiting for? Start using JobLink today!