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Riverside Research STEM Scholarships

Richard Annas and Madeline Iseli
Richard Annas and Madeline Iseli

Riverside Research, a not-for-profit company with facilities in Beavercreek, Ohio, awarded two scholarships to Sinclair Community College for the 2014–2015 academic year. The scholarships—both equal to one year’s tuition – are reserved for students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines.

“Our academic heritage and 47-year commitment to STEM education and training aligns perfectly with the mission, vision and workforce development efforts of Sinclair Community College,” said Richard Annas, Riverside Research President. “All of our university partnerships and community outreach efforts are founded on a shared vision to develop a strong, sustainable and innovative technical workforce. Our longstanding partnership with Sinclair is no exception.”

Ms. Madeline Iseli, Vice President for Advancement, accepted the check on behalf of Sinclair Community College. "Sinclair appreciates Riverside Research's commitment to STEM education. These scholarships and the other ways Riverside Research engages students through experiences such as internships are a direct investment in the economic growth of our region," said Ms. Iseli.

Candidate STEM scholars must be U.S. citizens of sophomore status with plans to continue toward a bachelor’s degree, a history of community involvement and a minimum 3.0 GPA maintained throughout the scholarship.

About Riverside Research

Riverside Research, a not-for-profit company chartered to advance scientific research in the public interest and in support of the United States government, is a nationally recognized leader in the development, presentation and maintenance of DOD-approved course materials at all classification levels. As an industry member of the technical community and corporate citizen of the Dayton Region, Riverside Research provides mentor-guided internships, curriculum development and adjunct professors to many Dayton-based colleges and universities, including Sinclair and Clark State Community Colleges, the University of Dayton, Wilberforce University and the Air Force Institute of Technology. The company is also involved with the Dayton Regional STEM Center and was instrumental in establishing the Advanced Technical Intelligence Center for Human Capital Development.

Jesse Snow Memorial Scholarship at Sinclair

The Jesse Snow Memorial Scholarship was established by U.S. Veterans Motorcycle Club in honor of Specialist Jesse Snow, a local hometown hero from Fairborn, Ohio. Jesse joined the military after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 and dedicated his life to serving his country and creating a better place for every American. The scholarship is dedicated to continuing his legacy and supporting students who as well wants to make a difference in their communities. Jesse was killed in active duty while serving in Kunar Province, Afghanistan. He was posthumously awarded the Department of Defense Silver Star Medal, the nation’s third highest honor of valor in the face of the enemy, because of his efforts.

The U.S. Veterans Motorcycle Club is comprised of members of all branches of the military. The Veterans Motorcycle Club was established on the principles of showing respect to all Veterans who served honorably, promoting brotherhood to all members and continuing to support the active duty military. The Ohio State Chapter of the USVMC has made it their mission to change the way Veterans and motorcyclist are viewed. They go above and beyond to serve and create brighter futures for the community. Keith Tickle, current president of the club, says he jumped at the opportunity to join. With the help of a strong team behind him, they were able to establish the Jesse Snow Memorial Scholarship.

The Jesse Snow Memorial Scholarship has the objective of providing financial assistance to students who have the desire to explore education in the field of Fire Rescue. The club founded the scholarship to help students who may not have the finances to obtain higher education. “We want to demystify the thoughts that college is too expensive and spread the importance and appreciation of each veteran and those still serving.” Jesse’s sacrifice along with the scholarship affords the recipients opportunities that otherwise might not have been given.

If you are interested in supporting the Jesse Snow Memorial Scholarship please contact Sharon Smith, Annual Giving and Scholarships Officer, at 937.512.4569 or

The Christopher F. Jones New Beginnings Scholarship Fund

Christopher Jones
Christopher F. Jones

With a degree from Sinclair and a Sociology degree from Wright State, Chris began his career working with young people at Head Start. His passion continued while working with Children Services, where he really left his impact.

Chris Jones was a man who was greatly shaped by his involvement with young people through years of working on the Montgomery County Children’s Services Board. Many describe him as stable, thoughtful and kind. He cared deeply to make a difference in the lives of children who were in struggling families or the foster care system. Chris devoted much of his time working with youth who came from difficult backgrounds to make the most out of their situations so they could develop into successful young people.

Chris handled many cases and situations that opened his eyes to the fact there needed to be a change in the system. He worked with young people all the time, mentoring them and encouraging them to make the right decision. He educated them on things they could do to improve their lives. He wanted to empower the children he worked with to have a voice and make a difference in their lives.

The Christopher F. Jones New Beginnings Scholarship Fund is dedicated to impact the lives of young people. Future students will have the opportunity to create a better and brighter future for themselves in honor of Chris Jones’s legacy. It offers a helping hand to foster care children as they exit the system and continue to pursue their educational career independently. The scholarship provides financial stability and support so they can securely fund furthering their education.

“Because of Chris’s longstanding and clear involvement with foster children and his sincere concern for them, we thought that this scholarship would be an appropriate way to honor his memory by assisting the children that he cared about for so long.” says his sister Gwen Jones. Indeed Chris’s legacy and impact will live on and help create a bright future for a young child in foster care.

If you are interested in supporting the Christopher F. Jones New Beginnings Scholarship please contact Sharon Smith, Annual Giving and Scholarships Officer, at 937-512-4569 or