Sinclair Online

How to Succeed Online 

How to Succeed Online is a required prerequisite for all students wishing to take a Sinclair Online course. Any Sinclair student, faculty or staff may sign up for How to Succeed Online. See details below:

  • Free online tutorial—available anytime
  • Not for a grade or credit
  • Self-paced—takes 1–3 hours to complete
  • Teaches you about being a successful student
  • Teaches you how to use eLearn

  Let's get started!

  1. You must have a Sinclair login and password.
  2. Log in to the student portal at my.sinclair
  3. Click on the myCollege tab at the top of the page
  4. Select myServices
  5. Choose eLearn - How to Succeed Online
  6. Now you are on the eLearn homepage!
  7. Click on How to Succeed Online under Course Offering Name and follow the instructions on each page.  Once you are in How to Succeed Online, follow the directions under "Start Here"

Note:  It is best to complete How to Succeed Online soon after enrolling.  If you enroll but do not complete the tutorial right away, you may return to How to Succeed Online by clicking on the link under My Courses on the elearn.sinclair homepage.

If you need proof of completion, you may check the grades tab inside the tutorial.  If you have completed all the required activites, the bottom line will read "Congratulations, you have completed How to Succeed Online."

Questions?  We are here to help!

 eLearning Student Support -- (937) 512-2990 or

Sinclair Help Desk -- (937) 512-HELP or