Advanced College Entry

Program Purpose:
The Advance College Entry is designed to provide the opportunity for students grades 8 through 12, the opportunity enroll in and register for college level, transcripted, transferable self-pay courses while still attending a traditional junior/high schools, or home-based education. In addition, the ACE student has the services of one-stop student involvement that is the ACE Coordinator will provide academic advising student counseling, student advocacy and serve as a general liaison between the student and Sinclair.

Students in grades 8 (upper middle junior high) thru 12 are qualified as participants. Because Sinclair is charted as an open enrollment college, school GPA are not considered. However, you are required to successfully complete a placement test (ACCUPLACER) or ACT to determine beginning course levels.

Who does ACE serve?:
Participants in the Advance College Entry Program cover a broad range of students: home-schooled students, students currently attending public or private schools and students attending online schools.

How to Apply?:
Application to the ACE program begins with an individual meeting with the ACE Coordinator to determine programming needs; the next steps are for the student to: complete a Sinclair application, take the required placement test, register for classes and begin.

Hours of Operation:
The ACE Office is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. until noon for walk-ins and Monday through Friday from 1:30 until 6:00 p.m. for appointments.

Location of Services:
The ACE Office is located in Building 12, Room 12331.

Contact Information: