Alumni Volunteer Opportunities
Sinclair Welcome Week

There are many ways to be active in furthering Sinclair’s mission. To volunteer, call 937-512-3330, email at, or visit the Alumni Office in Building 12, Room 12201.

  • Organize an event with your degree program/department/cohort
  • Be a guest speaker in a class that relates to your career field/Sinclair studies
  • Act as a mentor to a current student in your career field
  • Participate in alumni surveys and feedback opportunities
  • Ask to speak before service clubs and other community organizations about Sinclair
  • Volunteer with planning events
    • Coordinate silent auctions, sponsorships, promotions and more
  • Work registration tables at events
  • Offer professional services
    • Photography at events
    • Graphic design for event flyers
    • Interview and write stories of alumni
  • Host a Sinclair table at community events
    • Urban Nights, etc.
  • Serve on the Center for Teaching and Learning advisory committee
    • Meets monthly to foster and sustain faculty development
  • Greet students around campus during Welcome Week each August
Sinclair Welcome Week