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Accelerate Your Learning

With Accelerate IT—our new online, self-paced learning format—you build the skills you need to land a high-demand job at a speed that fits your lifestyle. Our competency-based curricula are aligned with the demands of today's employers and allow you to earn certificates, certifications and degrees in the IT field faster!

Available Short-Term Certificates through Accelerate IT:

  • Network Engineering Associate
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate
  • Fast Track Programming
  • IT Fundamentals
  • Network +
  • Network Security +
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How Accelerate IT Works

With Accelerate IT, you will work at your own pace to complete a series of labs, quizzes and exams in each required course. All of your course assignments are available to you from the first day of class, so you may move quickly through subjects in which you are already proficient and skip re-learning things you already know. Rather than following a syllabus set by your instructor, you will complete assignments at your own pace, anytime during the semester. The faster you work, the faster you graduate.

Earn credit for what you know by demonstrating your knowledge

Once you feel you have mastered a concept within a course, you will complete activities that demonstrate your competency for that concept. Everything you need to complete these activities is available to you online within the course. You can also demonstrate competency for an entire course by taking a proficiency exam or submitting a portfolio.

Finish more courses in a semester

With Accelerate IT programs, course registration is more flexible than with traditional programs. You may register for new courses on any of the first 12 Mondays within a 16-week semester. With this schedule, when you finish a course you may start a new one immediately instead of waiting until the beginning of a new semester to start. This allows you to work through courses with prerequisites at a much faster pace. Plus, you can take traditional online or in-person courses at the same time as your Accelerate IT courses.

Get support

With Accelerate IT, you will have access to a robust support system, including:

  • Sinclair Faculty
    Experts in various fields of IT that will grade your assignments and submit feedback within 3 days of submission
  • Academic Coach
    A mentor that will work with you one-on-one to help you stay on track, address your questions and concerns and become your primary contact while at Sinclair
  • Career Coach
    A designated person that will work to increase your job readiness from the very beginning of your program—helping you create a portfolio, prepare for interviews, network and more
  • Online Community
    Access to online academic tools and resources like the writing center and library, plus an online community of other Accelerate IT students and instructors

Is Accelerate IT Right for You?

Accelerate IT students must be self-directed, highly motivated and comfortable learning independently. Students who have high IT aptitude, demonstrated success in college or IT professional experience will be especially well suited.

  Need More Structure? Want More Flexibility?
  Traditional Path
In-Person Courses
Standard Path
Online Courses
Flexible Path
Accelerate IT Online Courses
Blended Path
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How does it work? Faculty lead students in discussions and assignments throughout the week Students participate in instructor-guided discussion and complete assignments in an online community of their peers Self-paced: Students complete assignments in an online community but may submit them at any point during the semester. Instructor and coach mentor students as needed Self-paced: Students complete assignments in an community (online) with supplemental classroom instruction once a week
Available Programs All Sinclair degrees and certificates 17 degree and certificate programs, found at the online courses page Network Engineering Associate, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, Fast Track Programmer and IT Fundamentals cartificates Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate and select CIS and BIS courses. To find out which courses are currently offered, email
Assignments and Course Activity Deadlines Set by instructor in syllabus Set by instructor in syllabus Student sets assignment and exam deadlines; all work is due by the end of the semester Student sets assignment and exam deadlines; all work is due by the end of the semester
Interaction with Peers In a classroom setting In an online community In an online community Blended online and classroom community where everyone learns at their own pace, at different levels
Admission Requirements Placement test completion Placement test and completion of How to Succeed in an Online Course Placement test, How to Succeed in an Online Course and Accelerate IT Online Orientation (talk to Accelerate IT Admissions Counselor) For requirements by course, talk to the Accelerate IT Admissions Counselor

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