Student Employment

Financial Aid & Scholarships maintains the online and offline posting of job opportunities for Sinclair students and graduates. On campus student employment is restricted to students enrolled during the time period of employment. These positions are separate from the Sinclair part/full time permanent positions that can be viewed at the Sinclair HR website ( Off campus student employment opportunities, posted by private employers, are available to all interested jobseekers, regardless of student status unless otherwise noted in job description. 


On-Campus Student Employment exists to:

  • Further enhance classroom experiences by obtaining employment in a variety of job settings on campus. This can not only assist in development of a possible career path, but also defray the cost of some college expenses.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to partially support themselves while attending college and working toward a degree.
  • Provide employment experience for students.

  Types of On-Campus Student Employment

  • Regular    Student Employment - opportunities are made available to all eligible student. In order to be eligible for an on-campus position, an individual must be a registered student at Sinclair Community College carrying a minimum of 6 credit hours (DEV noncredit coursework applicable). Refer to the Position Description for specific departmental requirements such as GPA, declared major, scheduling needs.

    The regular student employee is able to work up to 20 hours per week while attending classes.

    The hiring method is a standard application process where the employer chooses the applicant based on the requirements. Terms of employment are strictly "at will" meaning the employer or the employee can terminate the employment at any time.

  • Work Study Only   Student Employment - The Federal Work Study grant is awarded as an additional part of the Financial Aid (FAFSA) package, when certain criteria as determined by the Financial Aid office are met. Not everyone that gets a Pell Grant will get the Federal Work Study award. Students who accept loans may or may not have eligibility for a Federal Work Study award. To determine whether a student has a Federal Work Study award, they should visit the Financial Aid office and ask a FA representative to check their financial aid record for eligibility status and amount.

    In addition to the Work Study Award, students must meet general requirements of Student Employment as well.

    Currently Work Study employment is available for only On-Campus jobs. Those positions are posted online at  the JobLink website under the Student Jobs Work Study Only Saved Search. The Position Description for each Student Employment position will indicate whether the position is for Work Study qualified students only or if it is available for any student regardless of financial aid. If the position is "Work Study Only", then only work study qualified students can apply. Once the student is employed in a Work Study position, the award is used to pay the student's salary, until the award is exhausted.

    Academic Requirements for Work Study employment:
    Minimum 6 credit hours per quarter ... (DEV noncredit coursework applicable) 

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