Grade Reporting

2 Ways to Get Your Grades

Sinclair students have two methods to view their grades. Student grades will be available the first Wednesday following the end of the quarter. Students should choose one of the following ways to access their grades:

  • E-Mail
    A grade report will be e-mailed to all students by way of their my.sinclair e-mail address. Grades will be e-mailed once to all students each quarter. If an official grade report is needed, students should access their grades by way of their Web Advisor account.
  • Web Advisor
    Students may print an official grade report through their Web Advisor account. Web Advisor is accessed through the my.sinclair portal. Grades can be found by click on the "Grades by Term" link within Web Advisor. The "Grades by Term" screen will contain the student name and should be considered an official grade report.

Please Note: The grade reporting line accessed by calling 1-800-512-5454 or (937) 512-5454 are no longer in service. Students will not be able to access their grades in this manner.

*At the end of each term, instructors submit students' grades to the Office of Registration & Student Records. The deadline for receipt of those grades in the Registration office is the Wednesday following the end of Fall, Spring, and Summer Terms. Office grade reports are NOT mailed out to students.