DANTES Subject Specific Test (DSST)

These nationally standardized exams may be equivalent to certain Sinclair courses. The cost is currently $82 per test. When you take a DSST exam, request your scores be sent to Sinclair Community College (code 9309). If you have already taken a DSST exam and not had your scores sent to Sinclair, download the DSST Transcript Order form to get your scores.

DSST has developed free practice quizzes that you can take on the web to get a better idea of the test experience. These quizzes feature real-world test questions from retired exams in our most popular subjects. Each quiz has five questions and takes less than three minutes to take.

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  • A student must have made application to Sinclair Community College.
  • The course(s) will be recorded on the test-taker's transcript with a Y grade.
  • No more than 30 credit hours may be earned through CLEP, articulated credit, proficiency examination, AP, DSST and ACE credit and applied toward degree requirements.
  • Credits earned through DSST do not apply toward college residency requirements.

DSST Course Credit Equivalency

Examination Course Equivalent Minimum Score
Introduction to Business MAN 1107 46
Organizational Behavior MAN 2150 48
Human Resource Management MAN 2140 46
Principles of Financial Accounting I ACC 1210 47
Principles of Supervision MAN 2101 46
Principles of Public Speaking** COM 2211 47
Business Mathematics MAT 1120 48
Fundamentals of College Algebra MAT 1470 58
Principles of Statistics MAT 2170 56
Fundamentals of Counseling PSY 2218 45
Introduction to Law Enforcement CJS 1101 45
Lifespan Developmental Psychology PSY 2200 46
Introduction to the Modern Middle East HIS 2219 47
Ethics in America PHI 2206 46

**In addition to a maximum score of 47 on the multiple-choice test, an examinee must also receive a passing grade on the speech portion of the examination.