Assessment to the Next Level

Since the mid-1980s, Sinclair Community College has been recognized around the country as an established leader in assessment.  The efforts of the Assessment Committee and the recent development of three Learning Challenge Grants related to assessment (Developing General Education Outcomes; Tools, Methods, and Processes; Learning Liaisons) are a testament to the College’s continued commitment.  These three grants, while working on separate issues related to assessment, are part of a holistic vision to provide faculty, academic leadership, and others with a robust performance support system to implement continuous improvement of the curriculum and the instructional process.  The three projects lead to an integrated, sustainable process and framework that embeds continuous improvement into curriculum and learning.

Through this project, Sinclair has a unique opportunity to build upon current strengths, to re-energize and refocus the College’s assessment process at an institutional level, and to implement assessment as a college-wide routine, institutionalized practice.  This AQIP Assessment Project is a phased project that will integrate current assessment activities across campus; provide a framework for a common process to identify, capture, and study student outcomes at the class, course, program, division (if appropriate), and institution levels; drive a common set of general education learning outcomes for all students; and apply a consistent set of measurements to track success and provide a basis for continuous improvement.