What is the primary reason for closing this project? The primary reason for closing this project is that the major goals have been realized:
• We have identified factors that impact student success and retention.
• We have designed intervention strategies and have implemented them.

What aspects of this project would you categorize as successful?
• The Academic Foundations and Math departments have built a culture of tracking student success and using data to make decisions toward continuous improvement.
• The Academic Foundations and Math departments are collaborating more in an effort to increase student completion.
• The Academic Foundations and Math departments are now using the software, MyMathLab, because of its user friendliness for both students and faculty. This provides students a more seamless transition from one department to the other.
• Students are experiencing hands-on learning in the classroom and are actively working problems and are on task. Students are able to receive more one-on-one time with their instructors.
• Faculty are using common materials, including textbooks, homework assignments, and assessments.
• Students are commenting that they enjoy supportive faculty and tutors in the Math Academy. Furthermore, instructors meet regularly to discuss the curriculum, students, and best practices.
• Faculty members have created minimum scores on assessments in both departments in order for students to move successfully through the material.
• Video lessons have been added to Math Academy courses to create another opportunity for students to learn.

What aspects of this project would you categorize as less than successful? • There is no automated system to check prerequisites to prevent students who failed a class from taking the next in the sequence.
• There needs to be better cohesion between advisors and faculty to ensure that students take the right classes in the best modality for them.
• Students need to be better informed of their options through marketing and advising.
• Although success rates have improved significantly, completion of college-level math for students who begin in developmental education is still not where the faculty and administration want it to be. As the college moves forward with Completion by Design, the faculty will need to look at the effect of sequencing, and how to ensure that students are taking the math they need for their major.