Employee Performance Evaluation System

What is the primary reason for closing this project?

As stated in the most recent Annual Update for this project, the eAppraisal system has been in place for two years. Currently all fulltime employees and supervisors are using the system as planned. Some minor adjustments have been made since it was established, and that will likely be the case in the future, but no large-scale changes to the eAppraisal system will be done in the foreseeable future. The most recent reviewer for our Annual Update for this project recommended that the project be closed, stating that "Again, this project is making good progress, and could be nearing the point of diminishing returns-- it could be to Sinclair's benefit to consider closing this project in the next 6 months and moving on to another improvement opportunity which would provide greater benefit to Sinclair employees and students.”

The eAppraisal has become well-established as the process for employee performance evaluation, and the time has come for the institution to prioritize other initiatives as AQIP Action Projects for institutional improvement.