Developmenal Education Initative
The Developmental Education Initiative (DEI) consists of 15 Achieving the Dream community colleges that are building on demonstrated results in developmental education innovations at their institutions. Six states are committed to further advancement of their Achieving the Dream state policy work in the developmental education realm. With funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Lumina Foundation for Education, the initiative aims to expand groundbreaking remedial education programs that experts say are key to dramatically boosting college completion rates The innovations developed by the colleges and states participating in the Developmental Education Initiative will help community colleges understand what programs are effective in helping students needing developmental education succeed and how to deliver these results to even more students.

With participation in Achieving the Dream, Sinclair Community College, a Round II school, has integrated a number of student success initiatives and strengthened its capacity to make data-based decisions. This capacity will support their Developmental Education Initiative work, which will include a policy and practice review that will guide the design of a modular pathway for developmental students with the creation of math modules, will create boot camps in reading, writing, and math in an effort to accelerate basic skill remediation, and will pilot a co-requisite offering of upper level dev ed writing with freshman college English. In an effort to increase the number of local students who arrive at Sinclair prepared for college-level work, the college will expand its Student Success Plan initiative to nine Dayton-area high schools in Sinclair-operated College and Career Resource Centers; the Student Success Plan includes individual learning plans, coaching, and case management, as well as online math modules with diagnostics.