The Sinclair Library owns another Jane Ellliott DVD called "The Eye of the Storm", They also have a streaming video in their Films on Demand collection titled "Anatomy of Prejudice: Jane Elliott's Seminar of Race".

"The Eye of the Storm"

This video documents an innovative experiment in which Jane Elliott, a third-grade teacher, divides her all-white class into "blue eyes" and "brown eyes", making each group superior or inferior on successive days. It demonstrates the nature and effects of bigotry by showing changes brought about in the children's behavior and learning patterns. (25 minutes)

"Anatomy of Prejudice"

She may be an overzealous crusader. She may be on a power trip. Then again, maybe Jane Elliott has pioneered a truly honest and viable way to talk about racial prejudice - a way in which white people and people of color can explore the subject together. This program documents one of Elliott's diversity training seminars, modeled on an experiment she first conducted as a third grade teacher in 1968.

In this film, British citizens of varied racial and cultural backgrounds are separated into brown-eyed "superiors" and blue-eyed "inferiors". Before the day is over, a handful will have stormed out and the remaining group will face painful truths and equally painful opinions about race in the 21st century. (49 minutes)


The SOCHE Talks program is designed to enlighten the world with knowledge from primarily institutions of higher education in southwest Ohio. Inspired by the TED Talks, each episode is approximately 10 to 15 minutes in length on a unique topic that reflects the wealth and diversity of knowledge emanating from the region's numerous colleges and universities.

All past and present SOCHE Talks are featured on the SOCHE website, or "like" us on Facebook to view all SOCHE Talks!

Developed in collaboration with ThinkTV and WYSO 91.3 FM, SOCHE Talks cover a range of topics, including amazing algae, creativity and innovation, teaching Chinese to American students, the impact of alcohol on the student brain, and the power of higher education. These - and other exciting topics - feature initiatives and new research from a variety of talented thinkers.


Impact Community Action – Headquarters; 700 Bryden Road; Columbus, OH 43215; 614/252-2799

Mission: To reduce poverty by providing Hope-inspiring help and real opportunities for self-sufficiency.


Brite Signal Alliance

BSA Website:Click here

Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual

Wednesdays, 5:00-6:00PM; Building 13-205


Prescription For Prevention:

Prescription Drug Abuse Action Group


Legal Service Clinic is held every third Tuesday of the Month, 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Wesley Community Center, 3730 Delphos Avenue, Dayton; (937) 263-3556. Click attached for additional information.


In response to growing concern about opioid abuse and unintentional drug overdoses in our area, Wright State University has teamed with Public Health-Dayton and Montgomery County, The Montgomery County Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Services Board, and the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office to raise awareness about this issue. As part of this effort, we call your attention to a series of short videos that provide information on the nature and extent of the problem as well as some ideas on how to address it. To access the videos, click the link below.

Prescription Drugs: Questions and Answers — Education for Health Care Professionals and the Community:

Below are some additional resources that provide information about how Ohio is reacting to the growing epidemic.

Ohio Department of Health


Sinclair Community College – Campus Resources Directory. Click attached to view directory.


On March 15, 2013, Ariel Luckey spoke to a large group of students at Sinclair Community College. Mr. Luckey is a nationally acclaimed poet, actor and playwright whose performance and community work dances in the crossroads of education, art and activism. He spoke to the students on issues such as race, politics, education and more. His up-beat style and in your face facts helped keep the crowd attentive and interested. To read more about Mr. Luckey and his mission, please visit


Human Services Montgomery County “no wrong door reference guide”, supported by the Montgomery County Human Services Levy.  Click attached for additional information.