Assessment at Sinclair

Institutional Assessment Methodologies of Student Achievement, Assessment History, and Highlights of Accomplishments
A brief historical summary of the major assessment activities conducted at Sinclair Community College from 1986 to 1997.

Committee on the Assessment of Student Learning and Development 
A college-wide committee charged with the mission of reviewing the status of assessment practices at Sinclair and making appropriate recommendations pertaining to assessing student learning and development.

Guiding Principles
General principles adopted by and guiding the efforts of the Assessment Committee of Student Learning and Development.

Assessment Policies
Policies related to entry level assessment and placement, the placement testing program, diagnostic testing, development studies, learning outcomes assessment, general education assessment, and the Sinclair Community College graduate guarantee.

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Methodologies
Learning outcomes in a specific major as well as general education.  Examples of assessment methodologies.

Master Syllabi
Sinclair Community College's link to all master syllabi at the college.