Integrated Assessment and General Education Strategy Plan
                              Fall 2010- Spring 2015 (Updated Spring 2013)

1. Action Item:  Evaluate and communicate the process for assessment of general education and student learning outcomes (team leader: Keri Nunn-Ellison).

• Review all general education outcomes to see if updates/revisions are needed
     o Math, science, and diversity may require further integration/emphasis
• Address assessment concern for general education assessment in degree programs (AA & AS) that do not have opportunities to collect data in a capstone course.
• Review, Revise & Update Assessment Website to reflect current outcomes and assessment work.
• Review, Revise & Update SCC Catalog relative to assessment/general education.

13-14 Outcome Goal(s):

1. Propose changes or updates to General Education outcomes if necessary.
2. Explore proposal to ensure college wide assessment process for general education outcomes based on Rose Hulman model.
3. Updated Assessment Website which communicates:
    a. committee work including annual reports
    b. assessment at SCC
4. Creation of a visual aid which includes the general education competencies for all graduates at SCC that is clear and concise (see Valencia College) which can be included in the 2014-15 SCC catalog.

2. Action Item: Propose policy or procedural changes related to the assessment of entry and/or exit level general education  (team leader: Jackie Myers).                                                                                           

• Further explore assessment of incoming student entry level computer literacy
• Early assessment, completion, and integration of computer literacy outcomes
• Develop document to allow update of Computer Literacy outcomes in CMT administratively.
• Identify process for incorporation of Computer Literacy outcome updates into CMT for assessment.

13-14 Outcome Goal(s):

1. CMT will reflect new Computer Literacy General Education outcome.
2. Plan for updating courses will be identified and initial implementation will begin (this will serve as the model for future updates to general education outcomes in CMT).
3. Monitor report of student self-ratings in the Current Student Survey.
3. Action Item:  Refine college wide assessment tools, methods, and processes (team leader: Larraine Kapka).

• Develop and integrate new tools in support of integrated assessment, curriculum, and general education

13-14 Outcome Goal(s): 

1. Development of general education assessment tools which can be used college wide.

4. Action Item:  Promotion of Sinclair faculty engagement in the integration and assessment of general education and learning outcomes across the curriculum.  (team leaders: Heidi McGrew).

• Collaborate with the CTL to provide faculty education offerings related to assessment (Tracks, FFPDD, and Assessment Reunion Workshop).
• Explore new avenues for the promotion of faculty work in assessment activities such as Faculty Forum articles or workshops.

13-14 Outcome Goal(s):

1. Facilitate CTL offerings on assessment for faculty development which include assessment of faculty learning.
2. Increase visibility of assessment committee work and opportunities for faculty involvement in assessment activities across the college.