Training, Resources, and Glossary of Terms for Assessment of Student Learning

 Assessment Bibliographies
Many assessment bibliographies are available online.  This is a sample.

Assessment Glossary
A variety of sites useful for understanding the discourse of assessment.

Assessment Tools and Methods 
Articles and statements on assessment, assessment sites with multiple links, classroom assessment techniques, outcomes/performance criteria, portfolios, and rubrics.

Bloom's Taxonomy
Useful links to aspects of Bloom's Taxonomy, a classification of levels of intellectual behavior in learning, which may be helpful to curriculum development and assessment.

Building the Collective Responsibility for Student Learning Newsletters 
Archived copies of the Sinclair Community College newsletter designed to heighten the understanding of the inegrated relationship between curriculum, general education, and assessment.

Clarification of Assessment and Evaluation
Article by Gloria Goldman and Lori Zakel outlining assessment and evaluation methods at Sinclair Community College.  Assessment Update, May-June 2009, Volume 21, Number 3 

Conferences and Institutes
Conferences and institutes focusing on assessment of student learning.

Contact People 
Contacts at Sinclair Community College regarding assessment of student learning.  These include coordinators, committee chairpersons, and Learning Liaisons.

Faculty Forum 
Issues of the Sinclair Community College Faculty Forum newsletter with articles related to curriculum, assessment, and/or general education.

General Education Rubrics
The Sinclair Community College General Education rubrics for Computer Literacy, Critical Thinking, Information Literacy, Oral Communication, Values, and Written Communication.

Getting Results
On-line, multimedia learning modules for community college faculty including planning for outcomes and assessment.  A joint production of The League for Innovation and WGBH-TV in Boston.

Institutional Planning and Research Surveys and Reports 
Surveys and reports that include assessment data.

Learning Liaisons 
Divisional liaisons responsible for encouraging assessment activities and assisting faculty in obtaining the resources and support they need to make assessment activities meaningful and successful.