Chicago Public Schools:  Introduction to scoring rubrics

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators:  Assessment Rubrics

MindSPACEIII:  Rubric Creation Process

Rogers, G. (2004).  Assessment Planning Resource.  Dr. Gloria Roger's website with links to her assessment planning flow chart, planning process self-assessment, assessment for quality assurance power point presentation, ABET related resources, business and industry assessment processes, assessment rubrics, electronic portfolios, and assessment terminology.

RubiStar.  RubiStar is a free web tool to help a teacher make quality rubrics.

San Diego State University.  Guidelines for Rubric Development's Teacher Rubric Makers.

Using Rubrics:  over 50 links related to rubric development and use.

Assessment Rubrics from Kennesaw University.  Features, advantages, and creating rubrics.  Links to samples, templates and rubric generators.