Learning Liaisons

Each academic division has an individual designated as an assessment liaison. This liaison is responsible for encouraging assessment activities and assisting faculty in obtaining the resources and support they need to make assessment activities meaningful and successful. Liaisons are appointed by Deans in consultation with the chairs and subject to the approval of the Vice President for Instruction and Chair of the Curriculum Committee.

Liaisons are faculty members with a genuine interest in assessment issues and activities, and their duties include:
1. Serving on the Assessment Committee under the direction of the Chair of Assessment.
2. Helping to implement assessment activities.
3. Communicating with each department on a regular basis including attendance at departmental, division and chairs meetings.
4. Pinpointing specific divisional needs.
5. Helping the chair of assessment establish and fulfill divisional research needs.
6. Remaining current and knowledgeable regarding assessment issues and communicating that knowledge to their respective divisions.
7. Developing and maintaining a current data base on divisional assessment activities and preparing an annual report on the state of assessment in their respective divisions.
8. Working with the Chair of Assessment, the General Education Chair, the Dean, and the Vice President for Instruction in improving the quality of teaching and learning at Sinclair, and any other duties requested by the Chair of Assessment.

Learning Liaisons for the 2005-2006 academic years are:

Gloria Goldman, Learning Liaison, Allied Health Technologies Division
Office Phone: 937-512-2848
Office Fax: 937-512-3331
Location: 3331
Email: gloria.goldman@sinclair.edu

Ned Young, Learning Liaison, Business Technologies Division
Office Phone: (937) 512-2615
Office Fax: (937) 512-2125
Location: 5142-B
Email: ned.young@sinclair.edu

Steve Wendel, Learning Liaison, Engineering & Industrial Technologies Division
Office Phone: (937) 512-2841
Office Fax: (937) 512-2475
Location: 11-431
Email: steven.wendel@sinclair.edu

Linda Pastore, Learning Liaison, Extended Learning & Human Services Division
Office Phone: (937) 512-2347
Office Fax: (937) 512-5340
Location: 6130
Email: linda.pastore@sinclair.edu

Lori Zakel, Learning Liaison, Fine and Performing Arts Division
Office Phone: (937) 512-2271
Office Fax: (937) 512-2054
Location: 6130
Email: Lori.Zakel@Sinclair.edu

Art Ross, Learning Liaison, Liberal Arts & Sciences Division
Office Phone: (937) 512-2236
Office Fax: (937) 512-2236
Location: 4230A
Email: art.ross@sinclair.edu