Honor Code Key Concepts

Citizenship - Participating actively in democracy through voting and community involvement and awareness and by protecting our own and others' rights

Social responsibility - Acting in ways that promote the social good while recognizing the impact of one's behavior on others, maintaining professional ethics at all times, and providing service to the college and the community

Personal accountability - Accepting responsibility for and answering for one's own behavior, accepting responsibility for one's own learning, and demonstrating academic integrity

Respect of self and others - Valuing the diverse perspectives of others, appreciating others' ideas, and protecting the physical and intellectual property of self and others

In addition to instituting the Sinclair Honor Code, the Honor Code Task Force recommends the following additional steps to assist in institutionalization of an honor code:

Creating a Sinclair Honor Council responsible for awareness and implementation;
Including the Honor Code in the various handbooks for faculty, staff, and students;
Orienting students, faculty, and staff regarding the Honor Code and related expectations;
Encouraging the use of the Honor Code on syllabi and other documents;
Communicating the meaning of honor, integrity, and respect through campus forums;
Assessing the impact and awareness of the Honor Code; and
Recognizing honorable individuals and/or acts.
Questions and comments can be directed to any member of the Honor Code Council or to honor.code@sinclair.edu.