A Brief History of General Education at Sinclair Community College

1988:  NCA site visit recommends "general education requirements as part of course of study;"  faculty committee assembled to address general education; faculty committees in place for curriculum and assessment;  job competencies assessed.
1989:  General Education committee reports to Academic Council with core curriculum;  core curriculum accepted by Academic Council.
1990:  Assessment Steering Committee recommends assessment of general education skills for all;  Academic Council adopts minimum general education requirements; College adopts ASSET test of basic skills for incoming degree seeking students; Board adopts summative assessment requirement; Boad adopts general education core.
1991:  Core curriculum established for students entering a degree program.
1992:  Subcommittee formed to identify how summative general education skills are measured.
1993:  Vice-president for Instruction prmotes education "across the core to enhance student learning;  General Education committee focuses on development of guiding principles for General Education.
1994:  First official General Education Day held with workshops and keynote sessions for faculty and professional staff;  mission defined.
1995:  Writing checklist team drafts checklist;  second General Education Day (theme:  How Do We Do It?) introduced writing checklist;  General Education Day attendees develop oral communication checklist following modified DACUM process; General Education appears in Sinclair catalog.
1996:  General Education page established on college web site; first General Education Advisory Committee meeting; third annual General Education Day (theme: Skills for a Lifetime);  General Education committee conducts SWOT for NCA; J.L. McCLure commends efforts and encourages collection of measurable data.
1997:  Student writing sample collected and evaluated;  fourth annual General Education Day with keynote speaker George Kuh; critical thinking guidelines piloted at General Education Day.  The 1997 General Education Report detailed progress to date.
1998:  Fifth annual General Education Day;  strategic management process identifes General Education goals for the next three years; Chair's Council endorses General Education strategic plan; Dean's council endorses the following General Education strategic plan:  By encouraging a myriad of general education activities both in and out of the classsroom, the vision of a diverse but coheesive community of lifelong learners at Sinclair will be achieved.  This will occur when (1) General Edcuation become a visible, key component in the organizational structure and systems of the college; (2) The mission of General Education gains support and engagement throughout the college; and (3) General Education becomes a naturally integrated and infused aspect of all curriculum. 

1999:  Sixth annual General Education Day with a focus on values, citizenship and community.  Honor Code draft initiated.
2000:  Seventh annual General Education Day.  Service learning focus of keynote by Robert Rhoads. Student input gained on the Honor Code.