Student Insights

Process Learning

I have learned so much about myself in this class. It is the first college course I've ever had that combines learning the material along with learning about myself. I gave so much thought to the assignments and I'm proud I opened up to the teaching style of process learning. It has enriched my college experience. College is more than just memorization and good grades. College is a learning experience and this class has shown me I'm attending college to not only learn but to enrich who I am.

Process learning has led me to become less dependent on the instructor and more dependent upon myself. I felt guided by the instructor to empower myself. By undergoing and partaking in this process I have learned important information about myself. I have learned I can always improve my performance and that it is I who control my achievements not the instructor. The material presented in class actually came to mean something to me. It wasn't the typical scenario in which case I memorize the information in order to make the grades and then afterward forget what it was I was trying to learn. I have found I have the ability and the motivation to create ideas on my own. I have never felt as much freedom within a classroom. It was the freedom led me to question the concepts I didn't understand and to learn for the mistakes I made. By provoking me to think over the concepts and offering guidance when needed, the instructor made me responsible for my work and, therefore, I took pride in every assignment I completed because it was my hard work and effort that got me through it. The course made me want to give 100% because I felt like an active participant.

Although it seems annoying at times, I have found that I understand the answer to a question much more when it is answered with a question. Instead of being given the answer and writing it down without any more thought about it, this teaching technique forced me to be more focused on exactly what the question was and think about it until I came up with an answer myself.


The self-assessments were something that I found I liked and also dreaded. I like many of the other members of the class, found it very difficult to assess myself. I think most people probably find it hard to talk about their strengths and weaknesses. This is the first time that I have ever taken a class where we were asked to do this. As first I did not really see the connection between self-assessment and learning a subject. I now feel very strongly that it is a great asset to learning and is truly the basis to self-motivation and self-improvement. I have certainly improved in many ways and I know that this is something that I will carry with me for the rest of my schooling, and for the rest of my life. I even find myself asking others what they feel their strengths and weaknesses are and what they think would be the best way to improve on them. The assessments have shown me that instead of looking for the answers in other places it helps you to go directly to the source, yourself.

When I reviewed the Self-Assessment Reports, I began noticing my approach to learning was not whole-hearted. I would think to myself "What does my instructor want to see from me in this assignment?" I recognize this as the wrong kind of question to ask. Instead, I began asking myself questions like "How can I benefit from this assignment?" and "How can I please myself with results from this assignment?"

Group Work

The beginning of the quarter was slow start. The last thing I wanted was to be in the group that I was assigned to. I felt as if I didn't know a thing about the subject. I also felt shut out. I rarely said a word. Not only did it make me feel stupid, it made me look stupid. The things I wanted to discuss or ask questions about seemed so minor. I was afraid everyone would laugh at me behind my back. Until one day I found I knew just much as each person in my group. Another student helped me in every way she could to encourage me. It worked.

The time I wasted feeling sorry for myself, I could have been adding to my knowledge. I started communicating with everyone and they started looking at me in a different way. My assignments were getting done ahead of time instead of the night before. I was actually absorbing the information I was learning. I even communicated with my group outside of class to help each other.

My previous view of group work last quarter differs from my view this quarter. I felt it was a waste of my time. Now I feel the more I work with others, the more I am able to acquire different ways of learning and seeing different aspects of each topic. I believe if I continue to work in groups I would feel more comfortable with my ideas and opinions.