Mission Statement


We develop college-wide interest and expertise in process learning through successful process learning efforts in traditional, distance and corporate classrooms to expand and improve learning opportunities at Sinclair.

Specific Responsibilities

Our mission is guided by our commitment and direct relationship to Sinclair's Core Indicators of Success: Access to Success, Lifelong Learning, Student Development, Quality Workplace, and Stewardship. In support of the Core Indicators, the process learning deliverables include

Foundations of Learning

Delivery of process learning modules/activities in the new CIL to help students develop skills in process learning, faculty develop facilitation skills, and improve student performance and retention.

Process Learning Video/CD-ROM/Web Site

Development and delivery of support materials for Sinclair faculty and students to demonstrate aspects of process learning. Key features include learning-centered facilitation, curriculum design (including assessment), process skills, peer coaching and rationale.

Process Learning Teaching Institutes

Develop, advertise, facilitate, and evaluate beginning and advanced teaching institutes.

Ongoing Faculty Development and Ad Hoc Consulting

Provide ongoing development opportunities for faculty, full- and part-time.

Redesign and Delivery

Re-design and deliver two web courses, one interactive classroom course, one corporate course, two traditional courses, and two course enhancements using process learning methodologies to expand and improve learning.

Partner and Integrate

Partner with process learning leaders from Kirkwood Community College to accelerate Sinclair's process learning discoveries and implementation, establish bench marking relationship with another League member, and pilot process learning student activities at a distance (within and outside the country).


Learning Challenge Team

  • Sue Merrell and Debbie Badonsky, co-champions Business Division
  • Bobbie Easterling, Liberal Arts and Sciences Division (part-time)
  • Bill Struhar, Liberal Arts and Sciences Division
  • Bev VanDenEinde, Allied Health Division
  • Steve Wendel, Engineering Division