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Monthly Auto Mileage Expense Report

Business miles driven on or after 01/01/2018 will be reimbursed as follows: 

$0.545 automobiles
$0.545 motorcycles

Transportation expenses between home and a regular place of work are personal commuting expenses and are not reimbursable.  An employee’s commuting mileage between home and a temporary work location is reimbursable to the extent that it exceeds the employee’s commuting mileage between home and the regular work location.    


  • Commuting:  travel between the employee’s home and a work location.
  • Regular work location:  an employee’s primary work site or any work site to which an employee is scheduled to travel more than once per week.
Exception:  An adjunct faculty member or part-time employee who is scheduled to travel to a work location one day per week must consider that location to be a regular work location. 
  •  Temporary work location:  any work site that is not a regular work location.  
Example: If the distance from an employee's home to the regular work location is 10 miles, and the employee commutes from home to a temporary work location that is 15 miles from home, then 5 miles of the commute are reimbursable.
When traveling to multiple destinations in a single day, all intermediate destinations must be shown. Mileage between work locations, whether they are regular or temporary work locations, is reimbursable for all employees.

MapQuest is used to audit reimbursement requests. Mileage in excess of the standard mileage calculated by MapQuest must be explained on the Monthly Auto Mileage Expense Report. The accepted mileage for most destinations can be obtained by calling Accounting Services, ext. 3027.

To receive reimbursement, the employee must:

  • Fill in all requested information.
  • Compare mileage to MapQuest and provide any necessary explanations.
  • Attach pertinent receipts.
  • Sign the form.
  • Forward the form to the supervisor.

The reimbursement check will be sent to the employee's home address.


If the employee chooses to drive and the trip is over 400 miles one-way, either the actual cost of driving or the cost of flying, whichever is lower, shall be the maximum amount reimbursed. Driving expenses include not only mileage reimbursement but also the cost of additional night’s lodging and meals while in route and parking at the hotel. Costs in determining flying expenses consist of the lowest coach airfare and taxi/limo cost to and from the airport. Other known factors may also be considered in determining which form of transportation is less expensive, such as the cost of shipping material to the conference site. (See the preceding Section B. for mileage reimbursement amounts.)