Study abroad is one of the options for Global Scholars, but it can be very broadly defined - a short trip alone or with other students, or a full semester or year at a foreign university.  However, you must earn academic credit.  Some programs have specific courses attached to them; in cases where there is no course, you can use Sinclair's HUM 2236, International Studies.  Here is the brief course description:

Under the supervision of Sinclair faculty, students visit another country, and work on study and/or service learning activities related to specific academic majors or topics.

Some of the costs/benefits are discussed in this piece which is an interview with an academic who wrote a piece in the Chronicle for Higher Education:

These study abroad programs at other institutions will help you organize your plan, and some will also help find funding for you.  We will be expanding this list considerably, and will add information on Sinclair support as soon as it's available.

Sustainable Study Abroad, from Middlebury College in Vermont:

Programs at Sinclair:

For business majors: