Who runs the honors program?

The Sinclair Honors Program is headed by a Director, who reports to the Provost, and an Honors Council, consisting of faculty, staff and students involved in the Honors Program.  The Phi Theta Kappa advisors are also members of the Council.

The Director

Derek A. Petrey (PhD - Latin American Literatures and Cultures) became head of the Honors Program in September 2008.  He was preceded by Katherine R Rowell (PhD - Sociology), who was made Director in July 2006 and made many substantial improvements to the quality and accessibility of the program during her tenure as Director.  Before Dr Rowell, Thomas S Martin (PhD) expertly led the program for eight years. The Sinclair Honors Program was founded by Dr Mary Navarro in 1984.  Dr. Petrey is Associate Professor of Spanish and Coordinator of Modern Languages at Sinclair Community College. He received his B.A.in Modern Languages from Wright State University in 1992 and his M.A. in Hispanic Literatures and Cultures in 1996 from the Ohio State University. He received his Ph.D. in Latin American Literatures and Cultures from The Ohio State University in 2000. He has been at Sinclair Community College since 2003.

The Honors Council

Formerly known as the Honors Committee, this council was reconstituted in 1998 to include student representatives and advisors from Phi Theta Kappa.

 The Honors Council exists to:

  • oversee the development of new Honors courses
  • help recruit faculty to teach honors courses
  • help identify students as potential Honors Scholars
  • interview students applying for admission to the Program
  • support and assist the Honors Director and Phi Theta Kappa advisors
  • review applications for Honors Scholarships
  • help identify new Service Learning opportunities

 The current members of the Honors Council are:

  • Kay Berg (English) 
  • Jamie Fries (History)
  • Rhonda Holt (Student)
  • Jim Johnson (Chemistry)
  • Gwendolyn Jones (Student Activities)
  • Bill Kamil (History)
  • Sarah Kiewitz (English) 
  • Tom Martin (History)
  • Allison Rhea (Registration)
  • Marilyn Rodney (Service Learning)
  • Susan Spacht (Academic Advising)
  • Sally Struthers (Art)
  • John Weaver (History, Chair of HGML)
  • Mary Wells (English)
  • Deborah Wenger (Student)
  • Susan Werner (Student)
  • Frank Wray (Student)
  • Ned Young (Business)