Medical Emergencies

Sinclair provides emergency care in the form of first aid for those who become ill or are injured while on campus. All full-time Sinclair police officers and Safety Information Officers assigned to the learning centers and Courseview are certified in emergency first-aid and CPR. Immediately report any medical emergency to Sinclair Police. Officers will respond and arrange for the removal of the victim to a medical facility if necessary. AED units are available at all campus sites (see detailed list below). In the event of a serious illness or injury, please follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Call Sinclair Police at extension 2700 or 911 from any campus telephone. Be prepared to stay on the phone with the dispatcher.
  • Provide your name and the location of the ill or injured person, the nature of the emergency, the state of consciousness of the person, and whether or not the person is bleeding or breathing.
  • Do not move the person unless absolutely necessary.
  • Severe bleeding can be stopped or slowed down by applying pressure directly to the wound using a clean towel (preferable) or the palm of your hand.
  • Attempts to restore breathing can be initiated by anyone familiar with CPR.

If the injury is not severe and does not need immidately attention, staff and faculty may fill out an Accident or Illness Report form located under the Public Safety heading. Once filled out, return the form to the Safety Coordinator, room 14223a.

AED Locations

*Dayton Campus

All Sinclair Police marked cruisers

Building 1 - first floor opposite the elevator
Building 2 - first floor opposite the elevator
Building 3 - first floor opposite the elevator

Building 4 - first floor opposite the elevator

                    - third floor hallway

Building 5 - first floor opposite the elevator
Building 6 - first floor opposite the elevator
Building 7 - first floor next to the east elevator & Sinclair Police office
Building 8 - basement level near the Student Center
Building 9 - third floor opposite the elevator
Building 10 - third floor near room 10321
Building 11 - third floor next room 11346 opposite the elevator

Building 12 - first floor lobby

                     - third floor near the north elevator & emergency phone

Building 13 - first floor lobby
Building 14 - first floor north next to the stairwell
Building 17 - first floor east wall opposite the women's restroom
Building 19 - first floor hallway
Building 20 - second floor lobby
Library - lower level near room L01 and the fire extinguisher

 Courseview Campus Center

                        - first floor opposite the Computer Lab

Engelwood Learning Center

                       - first floor next to the restrooms

 Huber Heights Learning Center

                       - first floor next to the Computer Lab

 Preble County Learning Center

                       - first floor opposite the restrooms