Security and Crime Statistics

The Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990 (also known as the Jeanne Clery Act) requires colleges and universities to disclose an annual report highlighting crime statistics for the previous three years, safety awareness programming, student conduct information, and other information on campus crime and incidents. Sinclair Community College has always remain committed to safety awareness and is committed to provide safe and secue environment for the campus community.

Sinclair Police Safety Report - this report is published at least monthly and highlights crimes and other incidents that have occured on campus. This information is also found on the college's Intranet site and sent to the Clarion newspaper.

Crime Alerts (Updated July 8, 2012) - these alerts are sent out to the entire campus community whenever a serious crime or incident occurs on campus or on a street immediately adjacent to campus. Alerts are also sent out to all faculty, staff and students using the college e-mail system as well as published on bulletin boards across campus.

Annual Campus Police Reports / Crime Statistics - each campus is required to make available a detailed report of safety and security information annually as required by the Jeanne Clery Act.

Reporting Crimes and Incidents or Obtaining Copies of Reports - Sinclair Police encourages anyone to report crimes or incidents as soon as possible. This page provides additoinal information on that process as well as how to obtain copies of crime reports.

Sexual Assault Policy and Local Sex Predator Information - Sinclair does not tolerate sexual assault, coercion, exploitation, or other forms of sexual misconduct that offends the dignity of any member of the college community. This page offers detailed information on that policy and offers links to local sexual predator information.