Smoking on Campus

Sinclair Community College has created designated smoking locations to comply with Ohio state law.  Below are the approved smoking locations at the Dayton campus.

    • Building 2 southwest steps under the overhang
    • Building 5 west side between Buildings 5 & 8
    • Building 7 in the north terrace area in the Tartan Marketplace
    • Building 7 south entrance on either side of the building
    • Main Plaza, in the center
    • Building 8 entrance south side of plaza
    • Building 10 north steps on east end
    • Building 12 west plaza facing the main campus
    • Building 12 southeast plaza facing Perry Street
    • Building 13 west under the pedestrian bridge
    • Building 14 east plaza facing Perry Street
    • Building 16 near the air unit fencing
    • Building 19 on Wilkinson Street north at the alley
    • Building 20 near the art display
    • Building 20 southeast plaza facing the Great Miami River
    • If there is no ashtray in the area, you must be at least 25 feet away from a facility entrance.

There is no smoking permitted outside the buildings at the Englewood, Huber Heights and Preble County Learning Centers. Smoking is permitted at the Courseview Campus Center just west of the main entrance.

On May 3, 2007 the law enforcement section of the smoking law went into effect. A citation may be issued for the law violation. We are partnering with Human Resources, Student Judicial Affairs and the Public Health Dayton and Montgomery County to assist with the enforcement.

There are three types of violations:

ORC Code 3794.05 - the Ohio Smoking ban states that a person must be more than 10 feet from an entrance. This offense may result in a citation in the amount of $100 payable to the Public Health of Dayton and Montgomery County

ORC Code 3791.031 - Prohibits smoking inside all buildings on campus. A violation of this offense is a minor misdemeanor. Citations will be issued and will be forwarded to the Public Health Dayton and Montgomery County.

Violations of the Sinclair smoking policies outside the scope of the state law will result in the person being referred to the respective department in charge of disciplinary actions. (Student Services or Human Resources). 

For more information on the Ohio Smoking law visit the Ohio Department of Health's webpage at