III. General Practices, Procedures, and Policy
A.    Non-Discrimination Policy
  Sinclair Community College does not discriminate against employees, students, contractors and other designated affiliates on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, age, sex, marital status, veteran status, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, or non-disqualifying mental or physical disability.
 B.  Affirmative Action

The Purchasing Department will provide every reasonable opportunity for minority business enterprises to participate in Sinclair Community College contracts as suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors, and/or as suppliers to contractors performing work for Sinclair Community College.

Under these provisions, the Purchasing Department will:

  • Refuse to conduct business with any person or firm that discriminates against any other person or firm on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, handicap or veteran status.
  • Comply with all appropriate legal requirements legislated by the State of Ohio concerning affirmative action requirements.
 C. Standardization

It is College practice and the responsibility of the Purchasing Department to promote the standardization of commonly used items on campus.

Standards for office furnishings have been developed by the College architects.  An on-line catalog of office furniture identifies the authorized items, their colors, fabrics, and costs.  These standards will be strictly enforced.

 D. Sales Tax

The College is exempt from state sales tax.  Upon request, the Purchasing Department will furnish a copy of Sinclair’s tax exemption certificate to the vendor.

Any person using this tax-exempt status in a personal business transaction is in violation of the laws of the State of Ohio.

 E.  Personal Purchases
  The Purchasing Department will not become involved with or approve any transaction for purchases of a personal nature for any College faculty or staff.  Requisitions containing items which appear to be of a personal nature will be questioned by the Purchasing Department and will be returned to the requisitioner if the purchase is inappropriate.
 F. Personal Gifts

Some vendors offer a free gift with an order.  Personal acceptance of any gift in conjunction with a purchase is inappropriate and prohibited.

All gifts or free items received in conjunction with a purchase are College property.  As such, they must either be used within the department or forwarded to surplus property.

 G. Purchases for Printing

All purchases for printed material must be awarded to vendors who certify that they have manufacturing facilities in the State of Ohio.

If the required printed products are not available from a vendor who has manufacturing facilities in Ohio, the purchase may be made from an out-of-state vendor.

The Purchasing Department reserves the right to require any bidder to submit a signed certification that they have a manufacturing facility in the State of Ohio before a contract is awarded.

All printed material purchases for use by Sinclair or representing Sinclair must first be approved by the Director of Publications prior to receiving approval from Purchasing.

H. Warranties
  Many items are delivered with warranty certificates attached to the item or inserted in the shipping container.  It is the requisitioning department’s responsibility to record these warranties, and in the event service is required during the warranty period, to provide the Purchasing Department with the warranty information when service is requested. 
I.  Maintenance Agreements

It may be advantageous to have maintenance/service agreements on certain types of equipment.  Evaluation as to the need for an agreement is the responsibility of the originating department.  Any forms required by the vendor will be reviewed and revised as necessary and signed on behalf of the College by the Manager of Purchasing and Materials Management after a properly approved purchase requisition has been submitted.

Campus wide maintenance/service agreements may be available for some equipment.  Contact Purchasing to determine if your equipment is covered.  All service calls for computer equipment and peripherals should be directed to the Help Desk.  All service calls for Audio/Visual equipment should be directed to Multimedia Services.  All service calls for copier repair should be directed to the Key Operator for that specific copier.  The request must identify a contact person in the department, room number where the equipment is housed, account number to charge, make and model of the equipment, and a brief description of the problem.

It is the responsibility of the requisitioning department to see that the service is performed in accordance with the requirements.  In the event that service is not rendered, or is not satisfactory, the Purchasing Department should be notified immediately by telephone and documentation in writing should follow.

J.  Conflict of Interest

It is the policy of the College that its relationship in transactions with individuals and organizations outside the College is conducted at all times on a highly ethical and arms-length basis.  To this end, the prime consideration must be the best interest of the College.  In addition to the College Policy on conflict of interest, all Sinclair employees are subject to the Ohio Ethics Law (O.R.C. Chapters 102 & 2921).  For information regarding this law, contact the office of Legal Counsel.  Decisions made in conducting such relationships and transactions must not be influenced by self-interest on the part of an officer, or employee if it is actually or potentially in conflict with the interests of the College.

In order that conflicts of interest may be avoided, circumstances actually or potentially involving such conflicts should be promptly and fully disclosed to the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for preview and final determination.  This requirement of disclosure exists at all times, independent of the periodic distribution of questionnaires concerning conflict of interest.

Every type or source of conflict of interest cannot possibly be outlined in this policy.  However, a conflict of interest exists and should be reported whenever a person uses his/her influence to receive a personal benefit from any business transaction with the College, other than from his/her regular College compensation.

Some specific examples of conflict of interest are as follows:

  • Using one’s position at Sinclair to purchase goods or services for personal use at favorable terms from potential or current vendors/contractors of the College.
  • Having a vendor/contractor pay for goods or services, fees, dues, etc., on one’s behalf.
  • Accepting gifts, goods, or services of greater than nominal (generally $25 or less) value from vendors/contractors.
  • Realizing a personal gain from a College transaction.
  • Acquiring materials and/or services from a business enterprise in which a Sinclair employee and/or their spouse or minor children who are emancipated, own 10% or more of the assets of the business. 
K. Demonstration of Sample Material
  College employees wishing to have equipment or samples demonstrated on campus should contact the Purchasing Department for assistance.  Prospective vendors should be advised that the Purchasing Department is the only authorized source of issuing a purchase order.  Vendors should also be advised that they must provide their own insurance coverage for any material left on campus.
L.  Office of Contract Compliance
  The Purchasing Department is the designated office of Contract Compliance and the Purchasing Manager is the designated contract compliance officer in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 3345.29.