Table of Contents


College Purchasing Policy




Organization and Objectives



A. Department Objectives 
B. Authority for Procurement
C. Authorized Purchases
D. Unauthorized Purchases
E. Competitive Bidding




General Practices, Procedures, and Policy


A. Non-Discrimination Policy
B. Affirmative Action
C. Standardization
D. Sales Tax
E. Personal Purchases
F. Personal Gifts
G. Purchases for Printing
H. Warranties
I.  Maintenance Agreements
J. Conflict of Interest
K. Demonstration of Sample Material
L. Office of Contract Compliance

IV. Receiving and Inspection
  A. Receiving
B. Requisitioning Department
C. Returning Materials


Funding & Requisitioning


A. Funding
B. Account Charged
C. Requisition to Purchase
D. Requisition - Approval Process
E. Requisition - Special Approvals



VI. Vendor Information and Selection
  A. Vendor Selection
B. Sales Representatives
C. Communication with Vendors
D. Catalogs and Literature


Request for Quotations



A. Bidding Requirements
B. Specifications
C. Errors in Bids
D. Exceptions to Bidding Requirements
E. Facsimile (FAX) or Electronic Mail (E-mail) Bids
F. Rejection of Bids
G. Construction and Renovation
H. Prevailing Wage Law




Purchase Contracts


A. Purchase Orders
B. Procurement Cards
C. Purchases Requiring Prepayment
D. Blanket Purchase Orders
E. Check Requests
F. Unscrupulous Business
G. Modification or Cancellation of Order
H. Emergency Purchases
I.  Unauthorized Purchases 
J. Membership Subscriptions
K. Expediting Orders
L  Complaints



IX. Travel - College Approved Travel Policies

Travel Policies provide:

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Monthly Auto Mileage Expense Report
  • Mileage
  • Request for Travel Requiring Advance Approval
  • Meals - Domestic Travel
  • Airfare
  • Reimbursement
  • Transportation Fares
  • Other Expense
  • Registration Fees
  • Conference Materials
  • Round Trip Mileage Chart



  Exhibit A - Waiver of Competitive Bidding Form