IV. Receiving and Inspection
A.   Responsibility of the Receiving Department
  The Receiving Department has the responsibility for receiving all incoming shipments, verifying quantities and inspecting for damages which are visually apparent. The Receiving Department will process damage claims with the trucking company, if appropriate.
B. Responsibility of the Requisitioning Department

With the exception of computer equipment, materials received in visually satisfactory condition will be delivered to the room identified on the purchase order.  Inspecting and testing of all items received by the requisitioning department will ensure their acceptability.  Any discrepancies discovered should be reported to the Purchasing Department immediately.  The Purchasing Department will evaluate the problem and take necessary action with the vendor.

It is extremely important for the requisitioning department to conduct both visual and operational tests at the earliest possible time.

Any items which bypass the normal receiving procedure (direct mail, delivery by a salesperson, etc.) must be reported to the Receiving Department immediately.

C. Returning Materials

The request to return material should be submitted to the Purchasing Department for evaluation.  Information in the memo should identify the purchase order number, the vendor name, the item(s) to be returned, and the reason.

The material should be held by the requisitioning department until the Purchasing Department contacts the requisitioning department with instructions