Student Development Division

It is the aim of Student Development division to support the teaching and learning mission of the College. Each part of the Division uniquely and collaboratively contributes to the successful fulfillment of the mission of the whole Division. This mission is to be a catalyst for change and innovation as the college intensifies its focus on student success and completion. The Division also strives to have the most engaged, satisfied, and successful community college student body in the state of Ohio. Each group creates actionable initiatives that will impact this vision.

The Division's goals and priorities always connect and impact the overarching Institutional Strategic Priorities of the College:

  • Quality and Innovation
  • Effective and Sustainable Organization
  • Access and Affordability
  • Community Alignment

Are you ready to start on the best road to your future at Sinclair Community College? Getting started is simple. No matter which Sinclair location is right for you, all of the steps are the same and easy to complete!

The primary goal of the office of Financial Aid and Scholarships is to provide financial assistance to students who, without such aid, would be unable to attend college.

The International Education department is here to assist you with enrollment, information, immigration advising, academic advising, registration, new student orientation, campus life and campus living information. Free tutorial, counseling and career resources are easily accessible on campus.

The Office of Registration and Student Records is responsible for the collection, administration, maintenance, processing, and distribution of information. As official custodian of student academic records, the Office of Registration determines the access and distribution of those records, based on College policy, state and federal laws, and is involved in the interpretation of academic policies as they relate to students.

The Strategic Enrollment Management group creates and maintains a complex network of resources focused on two major themes: Recruitment and Outreach activities and initiatives designed to recruit and enroll talented, motivated, diverse and dedicated students to Sinclair; and Enrollment Operation activities and initiatives designed to provide academic and financial support and services to enrolled students so they may continue to make progress and succeed in their chosen academic goal.

The Strategic Enrollment Management group is integral in helping the institution to:

  • Determine, achieve, and maintain optimum enrollment.
  • Establish clear goals for the number and types of students needed to fulfill the institutional mission.
  • Create a data-rich environment to inform decisions and evaluate strategies.
  • Promote academic success by improving student access, transition, persistence and graduation.
  • Enable the delivery of effective academic programs.
  • Generate added net revenue for the institution.

The Strategic Enrollment Management Group consists of the following departments:

The Strategic Marketing & Communication department is responsible for the development and implementation of the college's marketing, advertising, social media, branding and brand awareness.

The leadership and staff of Student Affairs work as a team to coordinate and deliver support services that assist students in the successful attainment of learning goals at Sinclair Community College.

Sinclair has partnered up with Universities to provide a seamless transfer option from a Sinclair associate degree to a University bachelor's degree. Through these specific University Partnership programs there is a clear pathway to success.