Accessing Grades

How Can I Get My Grades?

Email – A grade report will be sent to students via email to their individual email address. Grades will be emailed as soon as all grades for the term are received.  This email will contain the student name and Sinclair Tartan ID and should be considered an official grade report.

Web Advisor – Students may get an official grade report through their individual Web Advisor account.  Web Advisor is accessed through the my.Sinclair portal at, and then go to “Web Advisor.” Grades can be found by clicking on the “Grades by Term” link within Web Advisor.  The “Grades by Term” screen will contain the student name and should be considered   an official grade report.

Telephone – Students can no longer call (937) 512-5454 or 1-866-512-5454 to access their grades. If a grade report is needed, students should access them by way of their my.Sinclair email address or their Web Advisor account.

NOTE: The grade reporting line accessed by calling 1-800-613-9516 and are no longer in service.  STUDENTS WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO ACCESS THEIR GRADES IN THIS MANNER.