Adding/Changing Sections/Dropping/Auditing


  • Once registration has been processed, schedule changes during published dates can be made.
  • If academic status shows “good standing”, no academic advisor signature is needed. 
  • See Registration Blocks for other situations preventing registration.
  • Classes can be added online (Web Advisor); or in person at the Office of Registration & Student Records during posted business hours. NOTE:  This cannot be done once the term has begun.
  • After the posted late registration period, entry into any open section that has not yet met must be done in person at the Office of Registration & Student Records. NOTE: See Late Registration/Change of Schedule Policy.
  • After the drop/add period and through the last day for the withdrawal with a “W” grade, students must ask permission to change to any open section of the same course. Documentation to support the request along with proof of attendance and written authorization from the academic division must be provided.


  • Effective Spring 2005, students in academic “good” standing may use the online Web Advisor, or present the drop form in person to the Office of Registration & Student Records without the need for a signature from an academic advisor. Students with an academic status of “probation” will not be able to use the Web Advisor. They may either call directly to the Office of Registration & Student Records (937) 512-3000 or may present the form in person at that location (Building 10-2nd floor).  NOTE: Students receiving financial aid or Veterans benefits should review with funding source prior to processing withdrawal form to understand impact on financial status.


  • Registration and/or adds for audit status will be accepted only during designated late registration periods and before the first class meeting.
  • Audit status cannot be changed to credit status, nor can credit status be changed to audit status once registration has been processed.
  • The fee for auditing is the same as for enrolling for credit.
  • Financial aid or veterans benefits cannot be used to pay for audit courses.
  • Students receive an “X” grade rather than earned credit for the course.