Role of the Business and Public Services Academic Advisor
  • Advocate for student educational, career and personal success.
  • Assist students in navigating through College policies and procedures.
  • Assist in appropriate class selection as needed.
  • Provide tools and support to assist students in meeting their educational needs:
    Degree Audit
    Transfer Opportunities
    Academic tools (web page updates; curriculum revisions, etc.)
  • Act as a resource for students so that they can meet, identify and attain their educational goal(s).
  • Possess an understanding of contemporary business and economic trends and employment projections as they relate to Divisional course/program offerings.
  • Integrate changes in current and future curriculum, college policies & procedures for the appropriate advisement of Business and Public Services students.

  • Treat classes as though they were desirable jobs. The instructor is a team leader and students are the co-workers.
  • Attend all classes on time and participate appropriately and actively on topics presented in class.
  • Complete assignments on time and ask for feedback from instructors to ensure progress towards learning objectives.
  • Resolve problems by immediately discussing issues with instructors.
  • Read the Sinclair catalog and Student Handbook to become familiar with the general policies and procedures governing all students.
  • Use the mail account provided free of charge to all Sinclair students in order to receive important Sinclair information and news. 
  • Access your Degree Audit prior to each registration period.  Contact the Business and Public Services Academic Advisor if you have any questions on course application.