Tips/Tools for Success
  • Monitor your academic progress, often. Use the Web Advisor or In Touch Kiosk to check your grades, academic standing and where you are within your Academic Program/Major (Degree Audit).
  • Take your prerequisite and core courses first. Check the Sinclair catalog; Master Course syllabi; Department’s Planning Guides or the appropriate Department Chairperson for assistance.
  • Check quarterly class bulletin/Web Advisor for important dates, i.e. registration, payment due dates, withdrawal dates.


  • Plan to complete sequences, and choose them carefully. Avoid taking labor intensive courses together in the same quarter. Some examples to watch are: Accounting with Math and Natural Sciences with Economics and Eng 112 with MAN 205 and LAW 101 with HIS and/or PSY. Check online Master Course Syllabi or an Academic Counselor for advice on a quarterly course mix.
  • Resolve problems immediately. Keep course syllabi and talk over concerns with your instructors; they can be a valuable resource.
  • Read the Sinclair catalog/Student Handbook for College policy/procedure information.
  • Alert your instructor if you know you will be absent to get missed assignments and/or class notes.
  • Review student email account ( frequently for important Sinclair information (campus wide and/or program-course specific).