Types of Grades
(Not used in grade point computation)
  •  “I” grade indicates work was passing, but specific course assignments are still due.  A signed contract must be made between the student and Instructor agreeing on pending assignments due.  If pending assignments are not received by contracted date, “I” grade will change to an “F”.
  • IP” grade indicates all coursework and/or term allotted are still pending.  
  • N” grade indicates that student has made satisfactory progress, but hasn’t completed all course assignments.  Student must contact Instructor for options.
  • X” grade indicates student has audited the course.
  • Y” grade indicates student has received articulated credit for course or has completed a satisfactory proficiency test for the course.
  • Z” grade indicates student was registered but never attended the course. (NOTE: This grade is treated like an “F” grade, and is used in GPA computation).

NOTE:  Grade challenges must be made to the Instructor as soon as possible.  No grade changes will be done after two years have elapsed from the end of the term in which the grade was recorded.  Within a two- year limitation, an Academic Petition with supportive documentation (asking for change of an “F” grade to a “W” only if emergency circumstances prevented withdrawal by the stated withdrawal deadline date) will be considered.  The Academic Petition must be filed with the office of the Associate Provost.

GRADES & GRADE POINT AVERAGE (GPA)                                                                       

  • All grades, even those that include proficiency tests/articulated credit, are issued at the end of each quarter. 
  •  Students can access grades in several different ways.
  • The grade point average (GPA) is computed by dividing the total quality points earned by the total credit hours attempted.  Courses producing grades of “X,” “I,” “W,” “P,” “N,” “S,” “U,”  "IP" or “Y” are not computed.
  • Quality points are received for the following grades, and should be used in computing a grade point average (GPA).

S  (Satisfactory)
I    (Incomplete)
W (Withdrawal)
P  (Pass)
N  (Progress)
U  (Unsatisfactory)
Y  (Proficiency) 
IP  (In Progress)
X  (Audit)
Z  (Non attendance )

= 4           
= 3
= 2
= 1
= 0 
= 0
= 0
= 0
= 0
= 0
= 0
= 0
= 0
= 0
= 0


  • Consult the Instructor issuing the grade to discuss grade accuracy.
  • Contact Office of Registration & Student Records for grade computation questions.