World of Business


  • Curriculum Updates

Effective Fall Quarter 2006  the Accounting series (ACC 111-113) will be phased out and replaced by two, five credit hour courses ACC 121 Principles of Financial Accounting and ACC 122 Principles of Managerial Accounting.  For more information click here.

Effective Winter Quarter 2006 the BIS module credit hours and course numbers for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Desktop Publishing, and Internet will be changing.    For more information, click here.Effective Fall Quarter 2005 computer Programming Design & Logic (CIS 110) will be deactivated and its content folded into a new four credit hour course entitled Introduction to Computer Programming (CIS 111).  For more information, click here.
Effective Fall Quarter 2005
 programming in C++ will be available in a new three course sequence at four credit hours each.  The new courses will be entitled Programming in C++ I (CIS 233); Programming in C++ II (CIS 234) and Programming in C++ III (CIS 236). For more information, click here.
Effective Fall Quarter 2005
 the three credit hour series of Principles of Economics will become two, four credit hour courses-Principles of Macroeconomics and Principles of Microeconomics.
   For more information, click here.

  • Business News/Databases
    *Interested in learning more about all aspects of the world of Business?
    *The LRC/OhioLINK ( has a number of free searchable Business databases. You can also visit the Electronic Journal Center for the full text of a number of Business journals.
  • Business Careers
    *Interested in finding out more about the many career opportunities in Business?  Go to the searchable database for current information on careers at the Department of Labor’s web page:
  • Cyber Investigation Technology
    *Effective Fall 2010
    *This degree will prepare students for careers and transfer degrees in the areas of computer network protection, managing networks and operating systems and IT criminal investigation, which includes evidence procedures and computer forensics.
  • Top 10 Bachelor’s Degrees In Demand
    *Accountants are again finding increased demand for their services
    *Technology companies, investment banks, consulting firms, defense contractors, and even smaller businesses are beginning to recruit on campuses
    *College hiring expected to increase 13% over last year (National Association of Colleges and Employers)
    Experts say companies are hiring to handle new work and make up for years of conservatism along with the expectation of retirees among baby boomers
    *Entrepreneurship has become a popular major
    *Majors in
    computer security are in demand
  • IT Career Fields
    *Where are the IT job opportunities?
    *Where can I locate salary information for IT jobs?
    *Allows students to research occupations and connect to academic pathways
    *Provides information on wages, occupational demand, regional openings
    *Identifies related academic programs at Sinclair