Transition Plan for Economics
  • The Economics series of ECO 201-203 will be offered through Summer Quarter 2005.  Students who need to improve grades for the three hour series should plan to repeat those specific ECO courses before the end of Spring Quarter 2006 to benefit from the Repeat Rule.
  • Starting Fall 2005 with the introduction of two new four credit Economics courses...
    ECO 216  Principles of Macroeconomics and
    ECO 218 Principles of Microeconomics
     . . .
    the old Economics series of ECO 201-203 will be offered as follows:

Fall Quarter 2005
ECO 201 (College Without Walls only/CWW)
ECO 202 (day, evening, TV, Web, and CWW)
ECO 203 (day, evening, TV, Web, and CWW)
Winter 2006
ECO 202 (CWW only)
ECO 203 (evening, TV, Web, and CWW)
Spring 2006
ECO 203 (CWW only)

    ECO 216 Principles of Macroeconomics  and
    ECO 218 Principles of Microeconomics . . .

  • May be taken in either order; however, students are strongly encouraged not to register for both classes in the same quarter or term.
  • Will not be offered on a one night per week basis.  Evening sections will be offered on a two day per week basis (i.e. Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday)
  • Will be offered through Distance Learning (both Web & TV) beginning Fall Quarter 2005.
  • The Economics Department recommends that ECO 216 Principles of Macroeconomics be completed before registering for ECO 218 Principles of Microeconomics.



    Can't complete ECO 201-203 before Spring 2006?

  • Students who are unable to complete the old ECO 201-203 sequence, the following represent the ECO equivalencies.
    NOTE: The Repeat Rule will not apply.

ECO 201+ ECO 202 = ECO 216 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 203 = ECO 218 Principles of Microeconomics