IA as a Multidisciplinary Subject

The Computer Infomation Systems (CIS) Department and the Criminal Justice (CJS) Department have collaborated to recently win approval for a new degree program.  The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) has approved the Cyber Investigation Technology degree which will combine courses from both departments in a program to prepare students to work in the forensics area.  Law enforcement agencies from the greater Dayton area provided significant input to the requirements of the degree program.  They also indicate that there is an unmet need for professionals trained to work in these disciplines.  Students completing this degree will also be immediately granted acceptance to the University of Dayton's program leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Studies or a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with Minors in Criminal Justice and Cyber Security.

Non-IA courses

Numerous courses in other departments and divisions include modules that focus on Information Assurance (IA) in the context of that department or program.  Some specific examples include:

Health Information Management Department:

Paralegal Department:

Management Department:

Non-Technical courses

All degree programs within the CIS Department have significant requirements for non-technical courses.  Specifically, the following courses would all be required courses:

Students are also required to elect two courses in the Arts and Humanities area to complete their degree requirements.

Non-Credit/Credit Professional Development

Continuing education courses available for professional development also include these important topics. For example, the following courses would be available for law enforcement personnel and emergency medical technicians:

Workforce Development

Sinclair maintains an active Workforce Development effort that offers primarily non-credit workshops, seminars and bootcamps on various topics to working professionals.  Some recent examples would include