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Your account at Sinclair Community College - CIS Software Center has been created.


You may log into the system at:   http://www.sinclair.edu/DreamSpark


Your username is: ___________________________

(Sinclair email address- username@my.sinclair.edu)


Register Process

At the beginning of a semester students will need to register prior to logging into DreamSpark.
To Register go to

   * Click on “Register”
   * Enter your Sinclair email address (
   * Click on “Continue”
An email will be sent to your email account with instructions on registering.


Reset Password Process


To reset your password go to http://www.sinclair.edu/DreamSpark

   * Click on “Sign-In”

   * Click on “Forgot Your Password”

   * Enter your Sinclair email address (username@my.sinclair.edu)

   * Click on “Submit”

 Contact the Help Desk at 512-4357 (HELP) for assistance.