OPOTA Basic Refresher Academy
OPOTA Basic Refresher Academy
The Basic Refresher Academy is a 16-hour course established by The Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) for those who have:               
  1. Graduated from a Basic Peace Officer class but not received a commission within the first year of passing the state test and have not reached the 2nd anniversary of passing the state test.
  2. Previously been sworn as an Ohio Peace Officer with a break in service of more than one year but less than four years.
 In order to attend the Basic Refresher class, a participate MUST:
  1. Be sworn as a commissioned officer by a department that has submitted the SF-400 Oath of Office to OPOTA.
  2. Received the “Letter of Determination” from OPOTA indicating the Refresher Academy class is required.
    Non-sworn individuals without an OPOTA “Letter of Determination” WILL NOT be permitted to attend the class.
What law enforcement functions can you do if you are required to attend a Refresher Academy course?
The OPOTA letter of determination will tell you what law enforcement functions are permitted if you must attend a Refresher Academy to gain commission certification.
Generally students fall into one of two groups;
  1. If the commission you receive from your agency is the first one since academy graduation you CANNOT perform the duties of a peace officer until you have completed the Refreshed Academy and passed the state test.
  2. If you are a returning Ohio peace officer needing the Refresher Academy to upgrade your skills you CAN perform the duties of a peace officer for one year after reappointment prior to the Refresher Academy class.
July 7-8, 2014 - CLICK HERE to Register
Nov 3-4, 2014
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