Where does a Corrections or Law Enforcement degree transfer?
This degree is well received at University of Cincinnati, University of Dayton, Park College, Eastern Kentucky University, and Urbana University. Wright State University has presented a degree to the Ohio Board of Regents for approval.

Can I take classes other than in the classroom?
Criminal Justice Faculty will help you individualize a plan to complete your degree. Courses can be taken on video, on TV Sinclair, through College Without Walls, and on the World Wide Web.

What agencies hire Criminal Justice graduates?
Sinclair Criminal Justice graduates are not only hired by law enforcement and correctional agencies in the Montgomery County area, but throughout Ohio and the rest of the country.

What is the difference between the various academies offered at SCC?
The Criminal Justice Department offers a number of training programs in addition to academic degrees. The Ohio Peace Officers Basic course, 600 hours, is designed for those individuals who need State of Ohio Certification to become a Police Officer. The Ohio Peace Officers Private Police Training Program is 180 hours. This course is State approved and designed to meet the standards required for individuals interested in working within the private security field. Many other training opportunities are provided throughout the year for various agencies. Corrections Training Academy is offered at the beginning of each quarter for 136 hours or three weeks and two days. This training is designed by the Ohio Peace Officers Training Commission to certify correction officers for local jails and detention facilities.

Is financial aid available for the Academy?
Financial Aid and related services are offered through the Sinclair Financial Aid Office 10-343.

Do we have an intern program?
Internships are available in Law Enforcement and Corrections. See your Criminal Justice Advisor to inquire

What is the student to teacher ratio?
The Criminal Justice ratio is approximately 19 to 1.

Can I earn credit for life experience?
Students entering Sinclair Community College with certifiable training from employment workshops, accreditation or other sources maybe able to receive college credit for this training. i.e., Career Technical Schools, Military Training, special law enforcement training, correction training through the department of Rehabilitation and Correction, and much more. Please see the Criminal Justice academic advisor to learn more.

What happens if my work hours change after the quarter has started?
If you have a schedule change due to work, see your Criminal Justice academic advisor to switch to another section of the course for which you registered.

How do I see a CRJ advisor?
Call (937) 512-2876 to schedule an appointment