Emergency Medical Technician Certification

The EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN  program consists of 2 courses, taken concurrently, EMS 1150 and EMS 1155. This certification is an entry level position for functioning on an ambulance. Requires 7 credit hours and successful completion of state certification examination. Must be 18 years old. Course prerequisites: College level reading and writing. An FBI/BCI  fingerprint background check and physical with immunizations are required.


  • Must be 18 or older and provide proof of age (i.e. driver's license, military id, etc.)
  • Must complete the EMS Entrance Application
  • Must test out of or take and pass DEV 065/0012 and 075/0030 or have taken and passed  a college level English course

Upon successful completion you are eligible to sit for the National Registry exam.  This test is the vehicle used by the state to determine competency.  Individuals wishing to practice as an EMS provider within the state of Ohio will then need to apply for state licensure.  Once granted state licensure individuals will be able to gain employment.