Hospitality Management & Tourism/Culinary Club News

The Sinclair Community College Culinary Club is now accepting applications for the  2013 – 2014 academic school year. 


Why join the Hospitality Management & Tourism/Culinary Club you might ask??? Here are some of the events we will be doing this year:


  • Attending and Assisting with local food shows
  • All sorts of Fund Raising activities
  • Trip to Chicago Illinois which is home of the National Restaurant Association Food Show (the largest food show in North America).
  • Community Service
  • Field trips


*See Culinary Club Application below or

fill out an application in room 13-420.


Application for 

Hospitality/Culinary Club 2013/2014

Last Name____________________________________
First Name________________________________________
Tartan Card#______________________    
PHONE- home (____)__________ work(____)____________ cell (____)____________
How many quarters how you been at Sinclair?  ____________________
Interests, Hobbies, and what additional attributes would you bring to the club?
Return Application to Professor Derek E. Allen MBA, CHE, Club Advisor 13426 E
**NOTE** Send an email to me and put in the 'subject' line Culinary Club so I may place you in the database, and please indicate who you are.   Send to:

Lastest update:


If you have not turned in an application please fill one out in 13-420. It does not matter if you are a returning member or not; A new application is still required. 



See Professor Derek E. Allen for more info

13420 – B or 937-512-2381