Prospective College Credit Plus Students

High School Student in Building 11 Walkway


Steps to Get Started

For public school students the Sinclair CCP admissions process is as follows:


1 Attend CCP Information Night Icon Attend


2 Complete Intent to Participate Form Icon Meet


3 Complete Online Application and Documents Icon Submit


4 Receive Acceptance Letter and Next Steps Icon Receive

Download the Steps to Get Started
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Program Eligibility

  • The CCP program is for Ohio Residents. Ohio residents who intend to participate in CCP must file a Letter of Intent with their local school district each academic year.
  • Students who are not Ohio Residents are not eligible for the CCP Program. Though non-Ohio Residents cannot participate or receive funding, they may be able to enroll in college courses at the applicable non-resident or international tuition rate. Contact the CCP Office for details.
  • Students who are eligible for the CCP Program are funded for a specific number of credit hours as determined by a state-provided formula. The families of students who register for additional credit hours are responsible for tuition and fees incurred by students who exceed the approved number of credit hours.
  • Students with a documented disability or are on an IEP and would like to see if you qualify for testing accommodations, please contact Disability Services

Academic Eligibility

Students must meet one of the following requirements for each subject sections to show that they are academically ready for college courses:

English & Social Sciences
  • An ACT score of > 18 in English or SAT score > 430 in English, OR
  • Score college-ready on Sinclair’s ACCUPLACER placement test in English
Math & Science
  • An ACT score of > 22 in Math or SAT score > 520 in Math, OR
  • Score college-ready on Sinclair’s ACCUPLACER placement test in Math


** High school coursework and GPA may be reviewed in addition, to determine eligibility.