EVERY course (not just DL) has an Angel shell. Students try to contact faculty through it…and if faculty do not check their Angel, messages are lost. Angel e-mails can be redirected to “regular” e-mail, though. Here are instructions for doing this....
1)      log into your my.sinclair account
2)      click the "preference" button (it is a white circle with a gray icon that looks
   like a wrench on the left nav bar.
3)      select "System Settings" and scroll to the bottom of the screen
4)      in the box entitled "Forwarding Address" type in your outlook address
5)      under "forwarding Mode" make a choice (either forward to outlook and delete 
   in course, keep as unread in course, or keep as new in course--any of those
   selects (except for "Do Not Forward my Course Mail) will send all course mail
   to Outlook (or any other email address you type in the Forwarding Address
6)      Click "Save"