Accelerated English

Accelerated English helps students take both college-level English and their final developmental English course in the same term, with the same instructor. For students who qualify, this intensive five credit course saves on tuition costs by combining two courses into one and provides the opportunity to advance more quickly into college-level curriculum and a program of study.

DEV 0054 - Accelerated English  2 Cr. Hr.

Must also take ENG 1101  3 Cr. Hr.

Prereq: Other (Placement Test Score)


Advanced Developmental Reading & Writing is a combined developmental reading/writing course which prepares students for college level reading. The class introduces basic critical reading and thinking skills, as well presents the fundamentals of essay writing including the stages of the composing process and review of the grammatical principles governing correctness and effectiveness of express.

DEV 0044 - Advanced Developmental Reading & Writing  5 Cr. Hr.

Prereq: DEV 0010 and DEV 0030 or Other (Placement Test Score)