Photographic Technology Short Term Certificate
The short-term certificate in Photographic Technology is designed for the serious photographer or the student who desires to find a job in the photo studio/photo processing industry.  The certificate ensures that the student is proficient in composing a good photograph in the studio or field, and developing and printing photographs in black and white and color. The student will learn studio techniques, and how to operate both manual 35 mm and digital cameras. Basic computer imaging techniques and photographic restoration will also be covered. The completion of the certificate will ensure that the student has a well-rounded knowledge of photographic techniques and applications.
Many students take photography to learn to take good photographs, but are not seeking an A.A. degree or to transfer to a university.  This certificate includes the necessary courses to become a good photographer/photographic technician.
The needs of the individuals taking this certificate are met by having photographic courses offered in a rational sequence to build their skills logically.  Job opportunities available to students completing this certificate are: free-lance photographer, studio photographer, photographic technician.